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09 September 2008 @ 04:56 pm
Oh god what  
Ahaha, I just. woke up on the floor of the shower. oh god.
I can only imagine my awesome ~BACK PROBLEMS~ ive been having lately are to blame. Must've been going to shave and UGH *slip*
I think I cheated death. im not sure. I like that my mom isnt home either, what the shit.

but yeah.

school was kind of slow today. I was just kinda like frrrr the whole day. Katherine in choir wadded up her sweat shirt and let me use it as a pillow whilst she was a bed. it was weird cause that was like the most comforting thing to happen all day and I dont even know her that well. whoa.

Everyone was too busy OMG END OF THE WORLD TOMORROW'ing to really care I think. How bout that, though? idk, i dont think we'll get to escape that easily. but thats just my theory.

then I had to sit outside in the cold for an extra hour and a half or so cause there was an accident or something. I tried text/calling felicia but she didnt respond. ffcoldandlonely is an awful combination

but yeah
i think ill lay down now cause my head hurts like WHOA.
also this http://search.playlist.com/tracks/what%20a%20letdown cause i listened to this like two times and though i was going crazy until I realized it was in. simlish. god what
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