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09 August 2008 @ 12:14 pm
Shes in it for the Candy wang  
So. Yesterday and thursday were pretty tits. Felicia came over to spend the night. We got super dressed up and went to the Sardine Factory to give David the shirt I got his kid for his birthday 434534 years ago. Listened to great music, laughed at the people trying to dance to Sunshine Superman. I learned he cant handle his alcohol though, he had like. three shots and was on the floor. :c stupid guy. I finally battered him enough while he was leaving to play me a Who song. And he was just drunk enough to whip out his guitar and rock Pinball Wizard, which Im sure he only knows cause hes an elton John nerd. but whatevs. That was very fun. The bartender came over and told me to get the hair out of my eyes so he could see my pretty face. he was dumb :c

then the next day we went. To the mall, where we bot got some pretty tits false eyelashes. If by that point I wasnt feeling icky I wouldve probably felt really pretty. But, alas.
We lurked to carmel and fucked around there a bit. We ran from foreign boys in leather jackets and drank almond coffee with cake and eventually ended up at lush. Where I got the supplies for one bath that I had last night, which was amazing and I needed it. My mind didnt leave its current thoughts, but it felt good body wise.
But yeah.
finally a good day out with someone I actually like. I needed it a lot.

I tried to go to bed but my heart wouldnt shut up so I got up and oC'd with Zoe a bunch until eventually passing out. It was a pretty good night considering.. but yeah.

Also I guess my grandma is planning some secret party for me and my brother. idk for what. weird ass family.

Current Mood: melancholyeh.