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20 August 2008 @ 03:18 pm
I fucking hate lockers, man  
Fffffffok so today sucked. I should have figured. What I was in store for when the first thing I hear out of my mothers mouth is IM TAKING YOUR LAPTOP AWAY UNTIL YOU FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK EVERYNIGHT which i immidiately replied HEY YOURE STUPID which probably was the best thing to say on my part but jesus christ her solution to everything is ~TAKE IT AWAY~. Its not like I use it to help me or anything a lot of the time when I dont fucking know what im doing and fdgfdgggdg. And her reason was YOU DIDNT DO YOUR HOMEWORK UNTIL 9 LAST NIGHT which i actually finish finished it at 3 A.M ? Idk. I found out later that I didnt have to do as much as I did though and :('d. but yeah.

So school comes around and the first. three classes go fine. Except sacrements but only cause she played this super shitty version of Let My Love Open the Door and then proceeded to make us write whatwe thought. it was about. and then proceeded to explain how its related to god and how gods love opens the door to your heart and blah blah blah it was too infuriating to be amusing. tia would have ran that lady over, im sure of it.

So then I go to my locker to get things and I. cant get it open. so im like whatevs.

So I go to science and the teacher is. quite the cunt. Its her first year teaching or something so she is ruling with and IRON FIST or. something. but shes making us have like. 5 binders. all for. homework. class work. just. every work. which I understand to a point but she explains it so vague and shit I didnt get it. so I asked and she got. really mad. I still dont understand but whatever. I also pissed the math lady off but her and her fake tan can fuck themselves as far as im concerned.

Then of course I still couldnt get that fucking locker open so I went without lunch which makes fatty very, very cranky. And. just. fffffffmymomsfuckingfault because she just LOVES doing shit without asking me. and. idk. It was just such a crappy day. and Felicia totally just. did not acknowledge me so I was stuck with Sierra and Camille who did nothing but talk in code and giggle at their clever ways of saying LETS GET ALL SORTS OF STONED BEHIND THE SCHOOL LATER LOOLLOOLOL its not funny and you just look stupid. but they are, so.

christ why dont I ever have something happy to say here. its always BAAAAAAWWWWWWWW. Something fucking happy and worth blogging about needs to happen to me already. Sigggghhhhhhhh

In other news
ive listened to nothing but the Barenaked ladies for the past few days. theres something wrong with me, please. someone save me from the nineties.

Current Mood: distresseddistressed